giffing flipped

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budenamu asked: Hello! I'm a student of South Korea. And, I love <flipped>. My English teacher introduced this movie. And now, my friends are really into this!! When I found your tumblr, I was sooooo pleased. Thanks for your gifs. How wonderful! I love them;)

Hi!  Aww, that’s awesome!  thank you so much!

Anonymous asked: hello where is madeline carroll i have tumblr account

??????? madeline doesn’t have a (public) tumblr account as far as i know, if that’s what you mean.  sorry, i’m not really sure what you’re asking? eep

wildvibez asked: can you make a gif of when Bryce tries sitting by Julie at the lunch table and she hurries and gets up and leaves to avoid him? thank you!! love your blog x

sure, I’ll work on it soon.  Thank you!!

infinitysfuture asked: Is it possible you could do like both? Sorry its my favourite quote

i’ll make a photoset :)

infinitysfuture asked: Can you make the perpetual motion gif?? Thanks

which line do you mean exactly?  they mention it in two different scenes.

crushes-inc asked: Hey so i saw a lot of people couldn't find the book and asked you about it, there's a really good website called "book depository" which has tons of books and they ship them worldwide for free. I got my copy from there and i live in Israel. Good luck

yay!!!!!  thanks!

hope this helps some of y’all!

newyrc asked: In love with your blog :)

thank you! :)

Anonymous asked: Whats that movie of your gif? Please answer

all the gifs on this blog are of Flipped (2010)