giffing flipped

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infinitysfuture asked: Is it possible you could do like both? Sorry its my favourite quote

i’ll make a photoset :)

infinitysfuture asked: Can you make the perpetual motion gif?? Thanks

which line do you mean exactly?  they mention it in two different scenes.

crushes-inc asked: Hey so i saw a lot of people couldn't find the book and asked you about it, there's a really good website called "book depository" which has tons of books and they ship them worldwide for free. I got my copy from there and i live in Israel. Good luck

yay!!!!!  thanks!

hope this helps some of y’all!

newyrc asked: In love with your blog :)

thank you! :)

Anonymous asked: Whats that movie of your gif? Please answer

all the gifs on this blog are of Flipped (2010)

lovely-madeline-deactivated2014 asked: Are you accepting family sites or even have a family site section? Fansite for Madeline Carroll .. :) Thank you.

I don’t have a section for that right now, although it’s a very good idea, I’ll consider adding one- would be a good way to make posts about flipped & the cast more assessable (since Lord knows I don’t post enough- it’s summer and i’m just slacking off now, I’ll try to fix that soon).

If anyone else would like to be added, let me know~ and I’ll look through my asks tag & add any other Madeline sites who have already contacted me.  Please only blogs 100% about Flipped or the cast!

moderately-madeline-deactivated asked: Is there a link to watch flipped without signing up for anything or a good video of it that you know

not really, i don’t really watch things online too much because so many of the sites that allow you to are shady and i don’t want viruses.  you could check youtube though?  if not, i think downloading or buying it would be best.  i use for my downloads :)

Anonymous asked: hey do you know some curious facts about flipped? its for a homework! please i need help

hm… i really don’t think i do, sorry :/  here’s a wikipedia page that has a detailed plot summary as well as filming & awards information.  perhaps it could help you find something interesting within the plot or if either of the latter will work for what you need?  

here's also a few kinda curious facts about the movie, i know one they left out was that Rob Reiner actually had a “swear jar” on set that the adults would have to put money in if they swore in front of the child actors- and that Callan McAuliffe syphoned money straight from the adults if he caught them, promising not to tell but requiring half the price of the swear jar, straight into his pocket.  Also that Madeline Carroll was the very first girl to audition for Juli Baker- and she got the part.

Sorry there’s not too much int he way of book facts- and good luck on your homework!

p.s. if anyone else has anything of interest, please leave a reply so this person can check out the notes later!

justageekwholovesbands asked: What is that "okay it is what it looks like but I can explain" from?

I’m not sure what you mean- it’s from the movie Flipped? -It’s the scene where Garrett finds the newspaper in Bryce’s folder.