giffing flipped

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whatismylife007 asked: I cannot put how much I love your blog into words. Just. THANK YOU!

awww, no, thank you!

would-you-like-some-apple-pie asked: Hi im not sure if you have already made it bit can you do a gif where bryce and juli are about to kiss??

i looked through the blog & i don’t think i have. i’ll try to work on it this week! :)

Anonymous asked: hey! i love love LOVE your blog! could you pleaseee make a gifset of bryce and gareth when he finds the paper in his folder? thank you! xx

aww, thanks so much!!  i’ll work on that as soon as i get my other computer back! :)  i just can’t gif on this one :/

girlygeeklife asked: Am I the only one that thinks there should be a 2nd book!?!?!?

hmm, i would love to see how bryce and juli’s relationship progresses through high school, how they come to actually get to know each other.

but at the same time i don’t know if it’d feel right, ya know? especially after all this time.

anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?

Anonymous asked: hey where are you?

ahh i’m sorry, i’ve just been totally swamped lately with homework & papers & scholarship applications & filling in this girl’s week at work & i’ve just had no time for giffing D:  on top of that, my computer crashed & i’m still working on getting all my files transferred over.  but i promise as soon as i get a copy of flipped on here & figure out mac giffing, i’ll get back to work :)

see-my-style asked: Hi! I am from Portugal, and I loved the movie « Flipped», can you please tell me where to find the book?

hello!  i’m from the U.S. so i’m not too sure what’s in Portugal but if you have any major book stores such as barnes & noble, etc. you could give it a look there!  or second hand book/media stores might have it as well.  if all else fails, you should be able to order a copy from Amazon! hope I helped :)

Anonymous asked: Hey can you make one gif of garrett and bryce fighting where he yells "have you flipped whats the matter with you?!"

sure, coming up :)